Entropia Launch (London)

H.W Kherbek & Jack Clarke

Biblioteka London


A conversation between author Habib William Kherbek & editor Jack Clarke at Biblioteka Peckham to mark the launch of Entropia.

Comprised of two volumes, Entropia contains a compendium of over one hundred reviews and interviews with luminaries of contemporary art (Vol I), as well as a speculative attempt to create a newly generated algorithmic art(ificial) critic (Vol II). The conversation touches on the concerns of both books, covering a range of topics from the role of art in processes of gentrification, to the future of art criticism under conditions of 'technofeudalism' or 'hyper enclosure'.

Biblioteka is a public reference library with a variety of rare and special collections of books, zines and other printed materials within the fields of art, architecture and design. Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, the library has been based in South London in Peckham since 2020. Beyond its everyday function as a reference library, Biblioteka is a research platform, whose goal is to work towards a model for a new public library.

A Conversation in a London Railway Arch

Transcription coming soon